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First post – Origins of the Montreal Underground


As we begin this journey into the past, why not dig some sights and sounds from this town’s 60s underground! Here’s a link to Archive Montreal‘s weekly radio show’s blog, Montreal Sound Ark, where you can listen to past shows including some special ones related to this project!

We’ve been finding more and more interesting publications and ephemera in Archive Montreal’s archives as this project gets rolling. Here’s a smattering of magazine covers, student newspapers and excerpts from these — for more material of this era, check out this full set of scanned Mainmise magazines (1970-1978) or the Ghetto Mohawk‘s selection of scanned obscure zines and magazines including two of the Sexus issues shown here, and the first issue of the seminal late 60s – early 70s Logos underground rag.

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1962 Nightlife Story, Montreal  
 Birth of a culture: the beginnings of Montreal underground culture, 1965-1975