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Montreal Free Poet No. 2, 1972


Among the earliest of the collective small press publications to come out of Montreal’s anglophone literary scene in the early 1970s was the Montreal Free Poet. Put out by a team of local writers and poets including Raymond Gordy, Glen Siebrasse (1934 – 2009), Richard Sommer (1934-2012) and Artie Gold (1947-2007), the publication featured poetry as well as someone playful literary criticism.

This publication and several of the contributing writers were mentioned during a round-table discussion held in November 2014, for which the transcript is available here.

We scanned a copy of Number 2 from 1972 (thanks to Adrian King-Edwards for lending us his copy), available here in 3mb PDF format: MontrealFreePoetN2red.
Click on an image below to view selected pages as a slideshow. All contents remain copyrighted 1972 by the authors.

Davinci Vol. 1 No. 3, 1974  
 Montreal Poems 1974

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