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Expo 67: Avant Garde!

Two events highlighting avant-garde art at Expo 67:
Screening and exhibit, May 19, Cinémathèque québecoise, 335 de Maisonneuve E., 5 – 10 pm, at the Bar Salon, free admission. Exhibit runs from May 19 – 31.
Exhibit opening, June 1, 5 – 8 pm, Casa del Popolo, 4873 St-Laurent, exhibit runs June 1 – 30, free admission.
Arcmtl is proud to present Expo 67: Avant Garde! 50 years ago this month, Montreal hosted the largest gathering of avant-garde art and design ever seen! Expo 67 was the 20th century’s most successful World’s Fair, taking place during a time of both social and artistic upheaval around the world. Visit Arcmtl for more information, and check out Arcmtl’s interviews on this website’s blog such as this one with François Dallegret about their Expo involvement and the 1967 Montreal arts scene.

Montreal Underground Origins

Montreal Underground Origins shines a light for current and future generations on the early days of what is now considered a thriving city of the arts. It was conceived and produced by the non-profit arts promotion and preservation organization, Archive Montreal (ARCMTL) starting in 2014.

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Francois Dallegret is a Montrealer by adoption who made a name for himself as a designer and architect in the mid 1960s in part through his design work for Expo 67. He also organized the infamous Super Party, the “underground” opening party for Expo 67 that featured such wild acts as Tiny Tim and Lothar and the Hand People. His involvement in the arts and music scene also included designing

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Juan Rodriguez Rock Journalist Legend and Pop See Cul zine

Juan Rodriguez is Montreal’s most esteemed, even legendary, rock journalist. He began writing about the music he loves in the early 1960s while in high school, publishing one of the first local music fanzines, Pop-See-Cul, from 1966 to 1970. He has written countless articles about music ever since, for the Montreal Star, Montreal Gazette and many others. It was an honour to have him spend an afternoon at Archive Montreal

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Working the door at the New Penelope with Allan Youster

Allan Youster has been a mainstay in the audience at local concerts for decades in Montreal. He spent part of the late 1960s working the door at legendary local concert venue The New Penelope Café, witnessing performances by such figures as Muddy Waters, The Fugs, Jesse Winchester and Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Louis Rastelli spoke to him for this project at one of his favourite local haunts,

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