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Rencontre Internationale de la Contre-Culture, Montreal, 1975


On the occasion of the 2015 conference, Contre-Culture : Existences et Persistances, we present the programme for the original conference that inspired it: the Rencontre Internationale de la Contre-Culture, held in Montreal in April of 1975 at the Palais du Commerce (since demolished to make way for the Grand Bibliothèque on the same site.)

The list of local and North American figures in the counter-cultural arts and literary scene is impressive, and much more documentation of that conference exists, notably the film Une semaine dans la vie de camarades by the brothers Gagné.

This copy of the programme was graciously provided by Artexte and scanned in 2015 by Arcmtl. Here it is as an image gallery (below) and as a PDF file: RICCcontrecultureRed

Georgian vs. Paper re: Computer Riots  
 Davinci, Vol. 1 No. 4, Montreal, 1975

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